LOVE CHOCOLATE 礼盒是OUI PEACH与YUEQI QI联名推出的情人节礼盒,是一次甜品与时尚的碰撞。在礼盒的设计中,为保留YUEQI QI品牌一贯的华贵格调以及OuiPeach简约灵动,我们提炼了燃烧中的蜡烛作为包装的核心视觉元素。蜡烛代表着爱之热度,颜色以一深一浅作为搭配,呼应在爱情中缠绵的两个人物。


 LOVE CHOCOLATE gift box is a Valentine's Day gift box jointly launched by OUI PEACH and YUEQI QI, which is a collision between dessert and fashion. In the design of the gift box, in order to retain the consistent luxurious style of the YUEQI QI brand and the simplicity and agility of OuiPeach, we refined the burning candle as the core visual element of the packaging. The candles represent the heat of love, and the colors are matched with one dark and one light, echoing the two characters who are lingering in love.

The collision of the two elements of candles and chocolate tells a new story. Love helps burn candles, candles melt cocoa, and chocolate is on the lips and teeth of lovers, pouring out love. The vague flames rise, daring to tell the story of temperature, love of fire, and chocolate. In addition to romance, it also gives a new interpretation of Valentine's Day and chocolate.

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