OUI x PANGHU 吐司蛋糕包装

OUI PEACH 与胖虎打面团联合推出为夏日特制的冰吐司蛋糕。采取冰吐司和冰蛋糕的形状,而将材质替换为冰块,我们希望能够将扑面的沁人心脾的凉爽通过包装倾泻而出。包装也雪采取冰块的方正,强调面包与蛋糕的体积感。

OUI PEACH and Fat Tiger Dough jointly launched a special iced toast cake for summer. Taking the shape of iced toast and iced cake, and replacing the texture with ice cubes, we wanted to be able to pour a refreshing coolness through the packaging. The packaging also adopts the square shape of ice cubes, emphasizing the volume of bread and cakes.

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