OUI PEACH×松间 联名精酿

"太阳升起来 ,所有雨滴都闪耀一下 ,变成了温暖的水汽。" 夹杂着汗水与热气的夏日需要一些这样的瞬间,OUI PEACH与松间摘取初夏的荔枝之味,酿造夏日啤酒。

松树取自啤酒品牌松间,桃子取自OUI PEACH, 于是啤酒罐上的插画诉说一幅充满想象力的图景:松树之间,案板上放着啤酒和荔枝,远处有啤酒泡沫状的雪山与桃子态的太阳。


"When the sun rises, all the raindrops shine and become warm water vapor." The summer with sweat and heat needs moments like this, OUI PEACH and Matsuma pick up the taste of early summer lychees and brew summer beer.

The pine trees are taken from the beer brand Songjian, and the peaches are taken from OUI PEACH, so the illustration on the beer can tells an imaginative picture: among the pine trees, there are beer and lychees on the chopping board, and there are beer foamy snow-capped mountains in the distance. The peach sun.

Different from the bright colors on the beer cans, the outer packaging is designed in black and white, and the simple redesign of the text "Song Jiang" continues the cool feeling that the beer brand has always had.

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