OUI PEACH中秋礼盒2022

蚂蚁喜爱甜甜的食物,也会将甜甜的食物搬回自己的巢穴。oui peach希望成为这样的一个巢穴,用甜品给予大家温暖,安全,以及空气中那些充满香甜的气息。


 设计中我们选择了简约而色彩丰富的图形化表达,内盒则拆解了外盒的图形,形成一个个小蚂蚁成排行走的欢乐景象。oui peach希望通过这样灵动的表达,拉近人与人之间的关系,用解压放松的心情与家人朋友共享一颗颗月饼带来的美好体验。


Ants love sweet food and will bring it back to their nests. Oui Peach hopes to become such a nest, providing warmth, safety, and the sweet aroma of desserts to everyone.

This Mid-Autumn Festival, we adopted the concept of "Ants Returning to the Nest" and created a new packaging design for our mooncake gift box. The little ants took away Oui's fruit and also the moon in the sky, sharing the sweetest ingredients (the moon) with family and friends.

In the design, we chose a simple yet colorful graphical expression, and the inner box deconstructed the shape of the outer box to form a joyful scene of little ants walking in rows. Oui Peach hopes to use this dynamic expression to bring people closer together and share the wonderful experience of relaxing and enjoying mooncakes with family and friends.

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