OUI PEACH中秋礼盒2020

中国人在中秋节祭拜圆月,点亮灯笼,吃月饼,饮桂花酒,讲述嫦娥与玉兔的故事。而中秋早已不只是一个单纯的中国古代节日了, OUI PEACH将法国的费南雪和中国的月饼组合


During the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Chinese worship the full moon,light lanterns, eat moon cakes, drink sweet-scented osmanthus wine,and tell the story of Chang'e and the Jade Rabbit.  However, the Mid-Autumn Festival is no longer just a simple ancient Chinese festival. OUI PEACH combines the French Feinance with Chinese moon cakes and combines the golden bricks on the ground with the golden moon in the sky. The rabbit crosses the full moon lightly, and the moon turns into gold, bringing blessings to the people.

The outer packaging tells the story of the jade rabbit, the moon, and the golden bricks with illustrations, while the inner packaging is full of golden bricks. Also, the overall design abandons the presentation of color, and focuses on borrowing light and bumps to express the material of gold.

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