OUI PEACH春日礼盒2020

OUI PEACH 春日甜品礼盒

"万物苏醒,水果多汁,世界充满色彩,走在春日的阳光下,提着一袋丰富的水果"。OUI PEACH 的甜品礼盒希望传给消费传递这样多彩而轻松的心境。



As everything wakes up and the fruits become juicy, the world is full of colors. Walking in the spring sunshine, carrying a bag full of abundant fruits. OUI PEACH's dessert gift box hopes to convey this colorful and relaxed mood to its consumers.

The outer packaging of the gift box is a bag full of colorful fruits, with the word "Spring" scattered throughout the bag. Each pattern on the inside of the box is a part of a spring scene, while also symbolizing the attributes of each dessert. Opening this bag of fruits is like opening up an entire beautiful spring season. The text is densely arranged in the picture, like lush grass breaking through the soil.

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